The Final Teams – A Closer Look

Louisville Notre Dame Saint Mary’s
Good Wins Good Wins Good Wins
@ FSU Wichita State New Mexico State
Virginia Tech NC State @ Gonzaga
@ Notre Dame @ Syracuse
@ Virginia Tech FSU Bad Losses
FSU Virginia Tech Washington State
@ San Francisco
Bad Losses Bad Losses  
None Ball State Oklahoma
Indiana Good Wins
Arizona State @ Georgia Tech USC
Good Wins @ Wichita State
Kansas State Baylor @ TCU
Xavier Good Wins Oklahoma State
@ Kansas Creighton Texas Tech
UCLA Oklahoma State Kansas
@ Oklahoma State Baylor
Bad Losses Kansas Kansas State
@ Colorado @ Texas
@ Stanford Texas Tech Bad Losses
@ Oregon State Oklahoma @ Iowa State
Colorado Bad Losses St. Bonaventure
@ Iowa State Good Wins
Syracuse @ Syracuse
Good Wins Oklahoma State Rhode Island
Virginia Tech Good Wins
@ Louisville FSU Bad Losses
@ Miami Florida Texas Niagara
Clemson Oklahoma @ Dayton
@ Kansas @ Saint Joseph’s
Bad Losses @ West Virginia @ Davidson
@ Wake Forest Texas Tech Davidson
@ Georgia Tech Kansas
@ Boston College Oklahoma UCLA
Good Wins
Marquette Bad Losses Kentucky
Good Wins None USC
@ Providence @ Arizona
Seton Hall Middle Tennessee @ USC
@ Seton Hall Good Wins
@ Creighton None Bad Loses
Creighton @ Stanford
Bad Losses Colorado
Bad Losses Southern Miss @ Oregon State
St John’s @ Colorado
@ DePaul

I wouldn’t be surprised if Baylor and Oklahoma State got in the tournament, maybe even Marquette. This is probably the toughest “bubble” prediction in a long time. Last year was so easy…. After this, I want to put in Oklahoma State and Baylor over Saint Mary’s and St. Bonaventure… But… Let’s not make the mid majors angry.


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